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Leading Edgers in their late 20’s to early 30’s with hectic social lives and careers who integrate their work and personal lives throughout the day. This consumer is looking for something cool, something new, something fun, that shows others who they are and what they are about. Life revolves around friends and family. This consumer is a trendsetter not follower, confident enough to carry off something different, has a youthful attitude, is a student or working in ‘cool’ job, not a serious business person.


Small pops of a bright color allow for just enough color to be interesting and differentiated, but at the same time remain somewhat understated. The undertones in the dark neutrals compliment the accent color.

This palette conveys a sense of extroverted energy. To express high energy through neutrals used with high contrasting values. Depending on the level of the expressive quality, the color accents can be very minimal to very extreme.


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